Saturday, July 9, 2011

Dwarven Cavalry

One quibble that I have with fantasy miniature wargaming is the choice of mounts that dwarves have. Why can't they be mounted on small horses or ponies like the above image? Instead we get dwarves on bears, goats or boars. I know what your thinking, if this is the biggest problem I have then I live a charmed life. But is it wrong to ask for a decent line of minis that has dwarves on horses? Sure you could do some mount swapping. I've tried with Old Glory's line of 28mm dwarves (very excellent dwarves by the way) but haven't found a good match for horses.

Eureka produces some 18mm dwarves on ponies that will be a good fit with 15/20mm gaming. In my opinion anything other than horses and ponies just doesn't work for dwarves.


  1. I Agree!

    Though dwarves on bears are cool, goats and boars are not my thing either.

    Dwarves are routinely shown using mules and donkies in their mines, so why not other equines. We know that horses have a good temperament for riding and are readily available.

    I am pretty sure the goat idea was supposed to be a "let's give them some sort of mountain animal to ride" thing.

    Boars are likely a tongue in cheek poke at dwarven personalities.


  2. Boars a bit too Games Workshop-y for my taste. A bear would work for a hero character, but I'd have a hard time with a whole cavalry of bears (Dwarves are too bite-sized).