Thursday, January 20, 2011

Knights of Doom in miniature

I'm currently trying to create a Great Kingdom army for Fields of Glory, based on the army list that Grendelwulf has posted on his blog.

The German Maximillian armor above is similar to some minis that I'd like to use for the Knights of Doom. I might do some alterations with some Procreate sculpting putty (gray stuff) and alter the helmet, either adding horns or spikes and maybe a more evil looking helm.

Do any of my Greyhawk experts have any insight into what the Knights of Doom looked like? I haven't come across any drawings in my search.

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  1. The closest I have come across to a drawing of a Knight of Doom can be found in Rob Kuntz's Maze of Zayene module Pt1: Prisoners of the Maze.

    The armor style wasn't too disimilar to your picture. The visor above the lower head gorget had vertical eye slits rather than horizontal ones. Arms were abit like the Paladin in Hell picture from the AD&D Players Handbook. I'll have to go through an armory book to see what the official style is refered to.

    Of course, this was an artists rendering, and may just have been the atypical Knight in platemail. So, you're probably safe using any 1500 - 1600 A.D. period armor.

    As references to Greyhawk were concealed, i.e. Ivid was Ovar, Xaene was Zayene, etc., these guys were called the Knights of Chaos.