Sunday, January 16, 2011

I really want a Spin Caster!

With all the problems going on with Wargames Factory and wanting to support local manufacturers makes me want to buy a Spin Caster. There are some great U.S. and Britsh manufacturers of metal minis already, and they do it all on a small and local scale. There's a local caster, Valiant Studios here in my city, maybe I should focus on getting better at sculpting and have some greens submitted to make molds of. But I'd really love to get into the business myself. This won't happen anytime soon but it's something I'm considering.


  1. What problems with Wargames Factory?

    I've done some home casting wih Prince August "gravity molds" and I can tell you it's horrible. A spin caster is the only way to go if you are serious. But I think they are very expensive. I'm thinking Eureka may make molds and cast from submitted greens too.

  2. Check out the WF front page, and there are a couple of threads on the miniatures page.

    Thanks for your input on the Prince August gravity molds, I had thought about getting one. More than likely I'll end up submitting greens to a company like Eureka or Splintered Light when I get some figs I'm happy with. A spin caster runs about $2,000 USD or so.

  3. Before doing anything you should go here:

    if you have not already and read about casting, sculpting, manufacturing and so on. It sounds like you have already thought about getting your greens cast which is probably a good way to go.

    I have done some greens and experimented with gravity casting. I even made a spin caster out of a box fan, and managed to cast a partially successful mold (at something like $65 a mold, a few years ago, it is some pretty expensive experimentation). It is incredibly time consuming, even though I had some partial success it is such a time sink I quit working on it.

  4. Thanks for the input, James. I'm checking out the link you gave me.