Thursday, December 9, 2010

Novus Vetus Schola Renaissance Ordo - A message from the Rolluminati

The OSR is watching, watching and waiting. You think you're playing old school games and visiting old school websites but we know who really controls your gaming.

Sure, you feel you know your GM well. You may have gone to school together, work together, or your GM may watch your kids. I just want you to know that the GMs are all agents of the "Rolluminati" , providing quality old school gaming for all.

You'll learn our secret handshakes and be initiated into our glorious ranks of the "Rolluminati."

Stay tuned for further messages...

The All Seeing Die Is Watching!!!


  1. An eye in a d4 - clever, especially as the Roman numeral for 1 is "I" ;)

  2. As long as I don't have to tonsure my head or wear anything teal or fuscia, I'm a willing acolyte.

  3. I think black, gold and red are a little more fitting.

  4. Excellent! I shall await further messages...