Tuesday, October 12, 2010

An Idea For 15mm Yazirians

Eli Arndt originally posted his thoughts on this here. I thought I'd post some ideas, and will hopefully follow through sometime this year.

Khurasan Miniatures has a great line of Sci-Fi miniatures, on race in mind seems to fit pretty well. The Lhurgg Alien tribesmen would be perfect! They might be a little tall but cutting off the legs and inserting a wire, then greenstuff some more Yazirian looking legs would work. You could also greenstuff some wings, goggles and clothing to cover up the Lhurgg's weiner. But for the most part they fit the bill.


  1. Dude! Total Score!

    I will take the challenge.

    Combine these with conversions of Rebel's Sons of Thunder for Dralisites and GZG's Ixx (yes, I know they only have four legs.) for Vrusk and you are go!

    They can gruise around in one of Critical Mass Games' new Kamodon APCs as an Explorer vehicle.

    All you need is Sathar.


  2. Good call on the Dralisites! I'll check out GZG's figs next.