Friday, September 17, 2010

This is the image I think of, when I think of D&D

I really started noticing D&D around 1982 or so, but it didn't really catch my eye until '83 or '84. Mainly due to this image. Larry Elmore isn't considered to be an official "Old School" artist by a lot of gamers, but to me he is. He's old school like the Pre Raphaelites were old school. The elegance, the romanticism, the detailed realism and the drama of this painting really comes right out and says what Dungeons & Dragons is! High fantasy adventure!

To me that's old school!


  1. Always liked Elmore. Out of the more realistic artistis of D&D, he's always been at the top for me.

  2. I agree! Although I'm not dissing the original guard of D&D artists.