Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Royal Armies of The Hyborean Age: Zamora

1000 points

Banner: Red field with a white crescent in the center.

Zamora is relatively Arabic in flavor and it's reliance on cavalry as a striking force reflects this. The infantry is primarily medium but due to the influence of the western kingdoms the use of heavy infantry is gaining importance.

Zamoran troops favor white and white trimmed in red. The heavy infantry might wear red. Some units carry plain steel shields while others carry a red shield with a white crescent.

The mailed heavy cavalry is the pride of the army and some units would be more flamboyant than the infantry. they would still tend to wear red or white but might have silver shields or red plumes.

The Zamoran archers are of regular quality and would wear a white uniform with red trim. The archers would not have a banner, although all other moran troops would carry the Zamoran banner.

As a well organized state Zamora might make use of free company mercenaries. These would never make up more than fifteen percent of a Zamoran force.

The cavalry would be 25-50% of a Zamoran army and it would be broken doen as follows.

Unit Designation Type Class # of Figs. % of Cavalry

Elite Lancers HC A 12 0-33
Mailed Cavalry HC B 12 67-100

Infantry makes up 50-75% of a Zamoran force in the field and it's composition is below.

Unit Designation Type Class # of Figs. % of Cavalry

Archers LI B 12 20-30
Regular Foot MI B 24 45-60
Heavy Foot HI B 24 15-35


  1. Peter Pig has a selection of 'Fantasy' Arabs in their 15mm Age of Magic range which includes a guy on a magic carpet. PP tend to be true 15mm and so noticeably smaller than some other ranges. Essex also have Medieval Arabs and, sizewise, match Grumpy.

    One might consider Spanish Moorish figures for that slightly 'not-Arab' Arab look.

    The early Conan stories set in Zamora read very much like 'Tales from 1001 Nights' so a Zamoran army could be a lot of fun.

  2. Yes, I thought this would be a fun army to do. I just haven't found anything that really fits what I've read about them.

    Are PP closer to Minifigs? I've got quite a few Minifigs from ACW line, and they're a bit smaller than my Old Glory miniatures.

  3. Yes, I believe Peter Pig figures are close to Minifigs in size - I've only seen examples from the AK47 range (apart from the martians I have) and they're smaller than Battlefront/Essex/Grumpy

  4. As I remember the first (& only) description of Zamoran soldiers mentions bronze scale armor?

  5. Here's a description of a Zamorian Royal Guard

    His keen eyes, even in the dim starlight, showed him a strongly built man in the silvered armor and crested helmet of the Zamorian royal guard. A shield and a spear lay near him...

    You might be thinking of the Asshuri.

  6. Thanks, Taranaich! I've been pouring through the original stories but haven't come across anything on the Zamorans yet.