Monday, September 6, 2010

It's still D&D to me

Labyrinth Lord, Dark Dungeons, Micro LiteSwords & Wizardry, Basic Fantasy. It's still D&D to me!

Let's face it, arguing which is better is basically pointless. They're all basically the same game with a few minor tweaks. It you play any of them you're still playing D&D. And for the most part if your playing any version of OE, 1E, 2E, 3E, 3.5, 4E it's still D&D!

Play it and have fun!

My personal tastes gravitate towards T&T, there isn't as much of the edition wars associated with it. But I do get the occasional D&D game and I have fun with it!

Quit complainin' and start rollin'!

Keep Rocking & Role Playing!


  1. I must agree with you - if I discuss my favourite pastime with a non-gamer, I always call it D&D - any other name is lost on them. Their reaction is usually:

    Labyrinth Lord - ????
    OSRIC - ????????
    Swords and Wizardy - (I worry that they'll think I'm a LARPer)

    But Dungeons and Dragons - "Oh yeah, I know what you mean"

    The explanation is already done.

    I'll slightly differentiate if I'm talking to a gamer - AD&D is the game I grew up with.

    Now as for Call of Cthulhu - the only game I'm getting right now...

  2. Yeah, Call Of Cthulhu is a little more specific but then again there are several editions. That's a game I'd like to get back into again!

  3. I'm running a pbem CoC at the moment. We're halfway through an adventure but when that finishes, we're thinking of recruiting some new players. Interested?

  4. Actually, yes I would. I don't have any of my books, I sold them quite a while ago. Would that be a problem?

  5. No, that would not be a problem. Chaosium have a free Quick Start download at their site. I think it's the latest edition but as they don't change very much, if at all between editions, it's totally compatible.

    PM me (address via my blog) and I can give you more details at greater length.

    Dungeonmum, Rich from Gaming on the Precipice and Old 4 Eyes are the players at present. Dungeonmum is writing the sessions up as stories on her blog. We also have a wiki.