Monday, August 30, 2010

Flash Gordon and the Wariors of Mongo

***here's a better picture***
Has anyone heard of this?!!! I just found it on Noble Knight Games' website. It looks awesome! But it's a little out of my price range. Has anyone tried it out?

Keep Rocking & Role Playing!


  1. I remember seeing it as a kid and have been trying to find an affordable copy for years.

    I seem to recall that it's not a pure RPG per se, but possibly more of a wargame/choose your own adventure kind of thing.

    But mainly I want it for background info on Mongo :-)

  2. I can remember flipping through this in an Ottawa, Canada games store in about 1981. It was mostly miniatures rules - so VERY 0D&D. Didn't have much to capture my 13 year old attention at that time. Probably would need a fair amount of fiddling to make it playable.