Monday, August 9, 2010

Bo Hemoth

Hobbillies need some protection from time to time, being bootleggers is powerful dangerous stuff. Fortunately Ma and Pa Hemoth have a really big son named Bo (Junior's his nickname). There has been talk that Bo isn't really Pa's son, after all Bo is a big drink of water. This eight foot tall Hobbilly looks a lot more like an ogre than hobkin, maybe there's something that Ma has kept secret from her husband. Pa ain't too bright so he's not liable to figure it out any-time soon. But he's so proud of this big lummox!

Str: 28
Con: 24
Dex: 9
Spd: 12
Int: 6
Wiz: 9
Lck: 13
Chr: 12


  1. Ha! At first glance I thought it said Bob Hemoth.

    Cool drawing. I thought he looked Ogre, right away.

  2. Thanks! Bob is his brother. :P