Monday, July 19, 2010

Imadjapoor: Gong the Honeydipper (City Sanitation Department)

There's only one giant living in the city of Imadjapoor, and that's Gong. Gong is also the city's sanitation department, affectionately known as a honey dipper. Somebody has to do the job, and Gong is very good at it!

Every night, Gong walks the city emptying the cities public outhouses of their cache. Each outhouse is equipped with hinged roofs that can be opened from the top, this is easy for a giant. He then dips his giant ladle inside, scooping out the contents and emptying the treasure into his "Honey Wagon" and then moves on to the next one. Sometimes local citizens get quite a surprise if they head out for a late night constitutional, but most of Imajapoorians know better.

The honey wagon is then taken to the sanitary headquarters where the waste can be converted into fuel for the rest of the city. Very economical and green (or brown depending on what people have eaten that day) friendly!

It's customary for citizens to leave a tip in the tip box outside of the outhouses, otherwise certain districts might find their outhouses overflowing. Just a friendly reminder when visiting the great city of Imadjapoor!

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