Sunday, July 11, 2010

I Hate Tourists! (Dungeon Delving from the monster's perspective)

"Those sun dwelling above world scum think they're so high and mighty. They come down to our homes rob, cheat, and murder all in the name of some righteous cause like rescuing fair damsels, recovering a stolen magic item or adventure. Feh, I say! I hate above world tourists!" - Feh The Troll

Let's face it, adventurers are nothing more than tourists with delusions of grandeur. They camp out, leave a mess, harass the locals, and head back home with lot's of loot.

Ken St. Andre of Tunnels & Trolls fame wrote a game called "Monsters Monsters" that basically turned the tables and made the monsters the good guys, and the tunnel raiders the bad guys. This game has been long out of print, and if you are lucky enough to find it you'll pay through the nose for it. But there's no reason why you couldn't run a game of D&D in the same way.

You could have an orc warband defending their cave warrens from "stinkin' 'oomans" who came to murder them in their home. Sort of an orcish homeland security.

Or how about a lovesick dragon who was so smitten with a fair damsel, that he just had to fly off with her to his lair. And now a company of adventurers are coming to steal her back.

How about spirits of the dead who are just minding their own business haunting their own tombs when some burglars break in to steal their grave offerings!

This would give the players something to think about next time they try to rob some poor innocent goblins of their ill gotten gains!


  1. I was thinking 10CC's "Bloody Tourists" might be more OCR :)

    How about a giant family worrying about the vermin getting in behind the main hall's hangings?

  2. I think I'll stick with The Freeze, 10CC was a little too disco/light rock for my taste. Although I'm pondering the irony of the Freeze playing this while on the road "Touring".

    I like the giant idea, maybe they found adventurer droppings in their cupboards.

  3. Bwa ha ha ha! Great blog, Atom Kid. I'm linking to it on Trollhalla.