Monday, July 26, 2010

Gutter Dwarves - Imajapoor

Criminal activity is a way of life in the garbage strewn streets of Imajapoor. A lot of the urban youth start urban tribes also known as gangs. Dwarven youths who grow up in the strict and stoic manner of their parents, find themselves at odds with traditional way of life. Many dwarves choose to leave their ancestral homes of stone (Steinheim) for the streets of Imajapoor. Living on the streets is tough, many of the dwarf kids turn to petty larceny, theft, armed robbery and sometimes murder.

Some time ago a lowlife gang calling itself The Gutter Dwarves formed, and has become quite a nuisance in Imajapoor proper. A lot of the gang members choose to shave their heads and beards (which is a huge taboo in dwarf society), while others spike up their hair and dye it unnatural colors.

The Gutter Dwarves aren't very sophisticated mainly due to their youth, average age is around 40-70 years of age. They stick more to low level of street crime and thuggery, Don't let that lull you into a false sense of security, if you see members of the gang avoid them at all costs!

**Thanks to the good Prof. Gremlin for this idea**

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