Monday, January 25, 2010

Royal Armies of The Hyborean Age: Khitai

I've been re-reading my copy of RAOTHA and realized that there is no army list for Khitai! This is one of my favorite nations of Hyboria so naturally I need to come up with an army list. I'm trying to decide what culture I should use for Khitai. Should it be Japanese or Chinese or a combination of both? Originally I though Han Chinese or T'ang Chinese (like these great T'ang Chinese miniatures by Khurasan Miniatures).

There are some great minis produced by this company! Check them out!


  1. If I can recall they always had an early Chinese (warring states) sort of feel or a Mongol Empire vibe.

    I think for a really good Hyboria vibe you could get away with mixing and matching.

  2. How about going with Khurasan's awesome pre-samurai Japanese. These are just odd-ball enough to not instantly be recognized on a table and have that asian fusion that Kitai conjures. The name Kitai is even ambiguous.

  3. The pre Samurai are awesome beyond belief! I was thinking of adding them to the mix. They look like a fantasy nation, but it's real. I think that Khitains would have used Hyrkanians as mercenaries also, so I could add some mongols in there.

    So many possibilities. The one I'm still wrestling with is using medieval knights to represent Aquilonians. I still see late Roman or Byzantines when I think Aquilonia. I know it's incorrect but to me medievals just don't work.

  4. With Kitai being so big you might even throw in some provincial variations. The Khurasan Tibetans are almost too good not to work in.

    I would say that Late Roman and/or Byzantines might work well for Aquilonians. What about late Franks?

  5. I was thinking of using Frankish pikemen, but I really like the roman helms for the knights.

    The Tibetans are beautiful! They almost look like something out of fantasy too. Khurasan has some great figs, it's hard not to want to buy them all.