Friday, January 29, 2010

Royal Armies of The Hyborean Age: Army List (Brythunia)

Brythunia 1500 points

Banner: Black horizontal bar in Red field.

Brythunia is not a true nation in terms of having a capital city or a true national currency but it could field large forces in times of war. It is rich in cavalry but very poor in archers. There would be no guard units but the Brythunians have adopted to a limited degree the phalanx of the Corinthian military.

There would be no real uniforms as a nation but individual units might adopt a uniform under a given war leader. The only general information suggests that all Brythuian troops would favor the color red.

A Brythunian army would not include any mercenaries.

Cavalry would make up 50 to 100% of the army.

Medium Horse- -MC- -B- -12- -60-100
Heavy Horse- -HC- -B- -12- -0-40
Heavy Horse- -HC- -A- -12- -0-20

Infantry would make up 0-50% of the army as follows:

Medium Spearmen- -MI- -B- -24-30- -60-70
Medium Pikemen- -MIP- -B- -36- -10-20
Heavy Pikemen - -HIP- -A- -36- -0-10
Levy Archers- -LI- -C- -12- -0-10

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  1. I can see using the lesser equipped and more ramshackle Macedonian troops or later Greeks for these guys.