Sunday, January 31, 2010

Armati Army List for Hyboria

I found an interesting army list for the Hyborian world, here! There's a lot of great ideas, and I'm might consider using some of his ideas or even switching to Armati for a rules option.

Check out David's Little Lead Web Page, there's some decent stuff on there. He's even got some Lord of the Rings army lists for Armati as well!


  1. Hi Chad,

    I'm extremely flattered. I've been following your list of Hyborian Armies with interest as I did the Armati Hyborian lists you've just linked to without the aid of Lin Carter's book, directly - Ianis sent me some notes from his copy.

    It was a fun project and the discussion on the Warflute site (now sadly defunct) was more along the lines of whether Conan's world was Bronze Age or Iron Age, then whether my lists did, or did not, reflect REH's Hyboria.

    Armati is a fun set of rules and still has an active Yahoo group supporting it.

    Hope your gaming goes well.


  2. Hi David! Yeah, I really like your ideas that you have posted. I've owned a copy of Armati for years but haven't used it yet. And as I've been reading my copy of Royal Armies of the Hyborean Age, I haven't been impressed with the detail of the rules. I just have to dig out my old copies of Armati I & II.

    In my opinion, Conan's world was a mixture of Bronze Age, Iron Age, Dark Ages and Early Medieval. I have a harder time using Middle ages or Later Medieval miniatures for it. In my mind it doesn't work for some reason. Like when the rules says that Nemedia would be closer to Teutonic Knights. I have a hard time picturing it anyways.

    Thanks for dropping by!