Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Conan The Wargame

I've decided to move my Conan Wargame posts over to this blog, considering the gaming nature of MR&RPG!

I'm considering Ral Partha's "Rules According To Ral: Chaos Wars" for my ruleset. It's pretty simple, stripped down and looks like a lot of fun. I wonder how it compares to "Iron Winds Of War" this is Iron Wind Metals (they own the rights to Ral Partha miniatures) rules? I bought this box set quite a few years ago but haven't had the chance to try it out. I think I'll give it a whirl!

I'll be blogging soon about miniatures for the Conan game, I've converted a couple of figures and painted a few too. I just need to get some pictures to go with it.

Till later!


  1. I remember these rules. The version I bought came in a sort of school pocket folder with the game logo printed on the cover.


  2. Yep, it came with a folder and I still have the box that it came in too. It also came with 3 minis, I still have two of them.

  3. "Chaos Wars" and "Iron Winds of War" are the same sytem, so there's not much choice to make. Away back when, Ral Partha would hand out free copies of the "Rules According to Ral" at conventions, a simple three page system for running historical medieval battles. Later they expanded the system to also cover fantasy and sci-fi units (so all of RP's various figures could be used under it) and sold it as "Chaos Wars." After RP went under and was reborn as Iron Winds, they once again offered the old "Rules According to Ral", the main change being to the title, calling it "Iron Winds of War." Also, they now bill it as a system for fantasy battles, though this is inaccurate since only the original rules for medieval units are covered (no monsters, no magic).